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What we're known for...

Lash Lift 


CORA was the first location to offer Lash Lift and has been performing this treatment since 2015!  We love this 40 minute service that doesn't add anything to your natural lashes!  All lashes can be lifted, some very short lashes may want to use a Lash Serum before!

Purchase *Grande Lash* before your appointment 

Upgrade to our ULTIMATE LASH LIFT to add Extensions to the Outer Lashes
Adds Drama, Length and Volume
Lashes finally lifted up where they belong + given a glossy conditioning treatment and tint that lasts 6-8 weeks.  Lashes appear darker, thicker, and longer without adding fake lashes! 

(Lashes cannot get wet and mascara should not be worn for 24 hours)

​Lash Extensions starting at $180/ Full Set
​     Please email, call, or text for inquires, or Book Online!

The Fastest Waxing

Full Legs – 60
Half Legs – 30
Full Arms – 50
Half Arms – 30
Underarms – 20
Stomach – 16
Back – 50
Hands (OR) Feet – 10
Derriere – 16
Bikini – 30
Deep Bikini Wax – 42
Brazilian – 68
One of our most popular services...  

The Monthly Brazilian
This service is for clients that have gotten a
 Brazilian at our location in the last 31 days.
You must be a monthly client to receive this special offer.
Customized Facials

The below treatments are customized to each individuals needs and skincare and includes a full consultation before the service begins.

Le Grand Classique - 60MIN/$90
This is a customized YONKA unique 5 step facial and purifying treatment.  The deep cleansing process and clay mask used in this facial help eliminate impurities and restore the skin's complexion. The Le Grand Classique is always customized to your specific needs.
Escale Beaute – 30MIN/$50
Perfect for the one on the move! Full mini facial including a relaxing massage and hydrating mask. Customized to your needs and skin type.
(Perfect LUNCHTIME Facial!)
Monthly Le Grand Classique - 60MIN for Men and Women/$75
Our signature customized facial with a special price for those who have had a facial in the last 31 days at our location! Must be a regular monthly client.

Specialty Facials
Vital Defense - $100
This 60 minute, two cleansing process facial helps to protect and defend against premature aging. This facial includes a clay mask and double exfoliation techniques. This facial is perfect for young people trying to combat signs of aging, most likely in their 20s and 30s. Appropriate for men or women.
Optimizer - $130
Featuring our Yonka double-duo Advanced Optimizer Serum and Creme to help boost and protect collagen. This treatment provides clients with soft, hydrating exfoliation, a firming and lifting masque, and aromatherapy products to promote micro circulation. This facial is for all mature clients looking to firm, tighten, and lift skin.
Hydralessence - $120
Let us quench your skin with this unique and elegant 60 minute facial. This treatment includes two facial massages, extractions, and two facial masques. Perfect for clients with dehydrated skin and appropriate during season changes, before special occasions, and while traveling.
Stimulastine - $130
Restructuring treatment that promotes youthful tone and elasticity. Cold and warm infusion burst circulation and a new specialty masque smoothes the skin all over. For mature clients looking to rebuild their skin structure and diminish lines and wrinkles.

Brow + Facial Waxing 
Brow Shaping/$18
Brow Wax and Shaping, (or tweezing - if contraindicated to waxing). We will shape and plan our approach as to what you would like your brows to look like, depending on your face shape. Whether it be a clean-up or a pick me up of your current brow shape, you will be leaving CORA with happy brows! Every brow shaping comes with a lip wax - if desired.
Brow Tint/$18
Brow tinting defines and adds definition to sparse, fading,  gray or white brows by adding tint that lasts 2-4 weeks.
$18 - Brow/ Lip
$12 - Cheek Wax
$10 - Chin Wax
$10 - Lip Wax
$52 - Full Facial Waxing (Brow/ Lip/ Chin/ Cheek/ Sides)
We will use hard or soft wax (or a combo of both) depending on the clients skin and sensitivity. This service is followed by cool compresses to prevent redness.

Facial + Waxing for MEN 

Brow Waxing:
Just the Middle - $10
For the man just looking to get rid of the hair in between the brows.
Includes trim.
Man Brows - $18
Includes waxing of middle, top, and under the brow if needed.
Includes trim. Cold compresses can be used after to reduce redness.
Body Waxing:
Neck 20
Shoulders 16
Back 50
Chest 50
Full Arms 50
Lower Legs 30
From the knee down
Upper Legs 40
From the knee up
Stomach 20